Origami for Easter

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At Easter, every year, there is a lot of fun: whether it's the classic chocolate Easter bunny, painted Easter eggs or Easter lambs made from cakes or pastries.
Normal chocolate easter bunnies or easter eggs are just as boring as purchased chocolates or other easterly snacks. With a little skill you can paint Easter eggs yourself or give away money in a creative way.

Gifts of money for Easter

Anyone who wants to give away money for Easter, will certainly find the right one under these instructions to fold interesting and varied Easter presents from a few banknotes.
Unfortunately, there is only one German manual online, which shows how a Euro Bunny folds an Easter bunny, even though the Origamist Klaus-Dieter Ennen folded two beautiful rabbits, but unfortunately they are not in his book:

Video tutorial: folding easter bunny out of a banknote

This video shows how a nice Euro-Bunny is folded out of a Euro-bill. The video is based on instructions in which a dollar bill turns into a hare. Since dollar and euro notes have different aspect ratios, an additional folding step is necessary at the beginning.

Easter bunnies from dollar bills

Dollar bills differ significantly in the aspect ratio of the bills from the euro banknotes. Therefore, you can not simply transfer the instructions to Euros.
For dollar notes, there are many more instructions to fold rabbits or Easter bunnies in particular. They are all written in English.

Origami crafts for Easter

If you do not want to give away money, you will find lots of nice easter crafting instructions in the Origami section:

For further links and hints on Easter Origami it is worth leaving a comment!

Bunny folded from a 50 € check
Easter bunny from a 50 € check

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