Origami apps for Android, iPad and iPhone

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For mobile phones and tablets with Android or iOS operating system, there are apps that show how small origami works of art are folded out of bills.

Origami apps for Euro banknotes

Both apps for the bill fold are completely in German.

Origami money gifts

This app was created by Andreas Bauer (origami-kunst.de) created. She provides 17 step-by-step instructions to fold money gifts.
Instructions are available for the following crafts:
Flower, boat, fly, dove of peace, fox, check mark, heart, shirt, frog, elongated shell, multibox, paper ship, butterfly, fir-tree, four-pointed star, water bird, magic hat

Origami heart

This free app is only available for iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. In addition to one Instructions for a banknote heart There is also a gallery of folded models that can also be used as wallpaper.
Price: free
More info: Origami heart on iTunes

Origami apps for dollar bills

Dollar bills differ significantly in size and aspect ratios from the euro banknotes. Therefore, other origami crafts are possible with dollar bills.
These apps are english.

Dollar Origami from LatuSoft

Interesting models
Price: free
More info: Google Playstore

Dollar Origami by NexStudios.jp

About 50 different models of dollar bills
Price: € 1,45
More info: Google Playstore

Dollar Origami Lite by NexStudios.jp

Three simple models: carp, horse and T-shirt
Price: free
More info: Google Playstore

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