Gifts of money for the wedding

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Gifts for the wedding are always a problem: who gives what?
Of dishes, kitchen utensils, cutlery or similar other useful household items, the bride and groom will certainly have everything, as well as TVs or other multimedia devices.

Of course, the bride and groom want money. This is one less coffee machine that needs to be exchanged and at the same time more money for honeymoon fun or to set up your own new household. Nevertheless, it is boring to give away money. It's so awfully unimaginative to put money in an envelope and present it at the wedding. But how can you give away money at a wedding in a creative and unique way?

Here's the good news: With the help of these tutorials, you can give creative and original gifts of money to a wedding. The other guests will be jealous when they see your home-made money gift.

Origami instructions for wedding gifts

With origami, the right folding techniques and instructions from banknotes become creative gifts of money. Here you will find the suitable instructions for different origami objects:

Folding wedding dress from a bank note

This tutorial shows how to fold a great bridal gown from a banknote!
Content: description, text, photos, video
Needed: 1 banknote

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Fold heart out of bank note

This guide shows how to fold a heart out of a banknote.
Content: description, text, photos, video
Needed: 1 banknote

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Handicraft instructions for money gifts for the wedding

For these money gifts, you need not only banknotes but also other utensils.

more money for the wedding

  • offers a special kind of money gift. There brides and grooms can make a list with their wishes (household equipment or a honeymoon) deposit. All wedding guests can register there and then give these gifts. This ensures that none of the gift is given away twice. Since the gifts are purely virtual, the monetary value of the gifts counts in the end and the bride and groom can freely dispose of the money.
  • Miss Solution describes in a few words many creative gifts of money.
  • 25.000 Euro in the money bag - shredded real money from the Bundesbank
  • the Amazon wedding list: Here the bride and groom can create a list on Amazon with articles that it needs.

Creative packaging of gifts for the wedding

You know more interesting instructions for money gifts for the wedding? Then help us and leave a comment!
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