Christmas presents: Origami - fold bills

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Without a wish list or ideas, it's especially hard to give something at Christmas time. In addition to vouchers, Christmas presents are especially popular.
It does not have to be boring or unimaginative, if you want to give away money for Christmas. We help you!
Here you will find many ideas and instructions to make money out of creative gifts for Christmas or to tinker:

Fold Christmas money gifts out of bills

With a few simple steps, a Christmas present is folded out of a bank note. These instructions show in detail how the gifts of money are folded:

Fold star from two bills

simple guide with photos for folding a star
requires: 2 banknotes

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Fold the star out of 5 bills

With these instructions you fold a star out of 5 banknotes!

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Make money gifts from banknotes

If it's not enough to just fold presents from bank notes, you'll find more ideas here that creatively package money and banknotes:

Gifts of money to Nicholas

On the 6. December is Nicholas. Traditionally, then the cleaned boots are placed in front of the door and Nicholas fills them with treats or other trifles.
If you want to give away money for the day of St. Nicholas, you can use these instructions from banknotes to make nice Santa Claus gifts of money:

Nicholas boot out of a bill fold

With these instructions you can fold a Santa Claus boot out of a banknote. Many photos show how the boot is folded from a bill.

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You know more instructions for creative money gifts for Christmas? Then let us know and leave a comment! Thank you!

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