Gifts for your own holiday or journey

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It is always worthwhile to save for the holidays. The simplest trick to regularly fill the holiday fund without really missing your wallet is to regularly put some money aside. It does not have to be a lot of money, even with small change, coins, copper money or a few Scheinchen is regularly money saved a decent holiday fund.

There are the following tips for more holiday pay:

Empty after the weekly shopping (or even better: daily) the coins from your purse into a small piggy bank or a special holiday cheese and already accumulates over the months a considerable sum, which can be used for a vacation or a trip. If the holiday is still a long way away, it is enough to throw anything smaller than 50 cent into the holiday pay checkout. As the holiday draws nearer, pack the 50 Cent and 1 Euro pieces as well. You will be amazed how much money has accumulated. The best thing about it is: that's money that you have not missed so far!

Save money for the holidays and pack it into the holiday fund. Do you drink a coffee to go every day on the way or do you get a sandwich at the bakery every day? Just save it! That's every day 2 to 3 extra euros for the holiday fund!

Fill your own holiday fund

This travel fund has the form of a suitcase. This money box has the dimensions 15x11cm - there fits enough small change for the holiday cash. When it is full, it is emptied and changed the small change into bills ... already there is room to save.

For the holiday fund, there are special money boxes, which also visually represent that it is the holiday fund. Set up the money box in the hallway or in the kitchen, which motivates you every time you pass by, to look in the purse for change to fill the can.

Even if you get a visit, such a holiday or travel money is optimal. Place them in the bathroom or toilet - maybe one of your guests will give you a little extra!

Money boxes for your own holiday

In principle, a simple box is just as well suited as a special money box in the holiday design. But seriously, is not saving a holiday much more fun when a pretty money box stimulates it?

Here are a few examples of great money boxes that are especially suitable for the holiday fund:

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