Give away money: Origami for Valentine's Day

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With Origami for Valentine's Day can be beautiful money Gifts wrinkles.

Every year at the 14. February is celebrated in many countries of Valentine's Day. He is considered the day of the lovers.

What does one give to his sweetheart on Valentine's Day?

The classic gifts for Valentine's Day are flowers, perfumes, chocolates, jewelry, invitations to eat or a delicious meal to cook for yourself.
Giving money on Valentine's Day is frowned upon. Here you can find some nice ideas how to give away money in a charming and nice way.

Money gifts with origami for Valentine's Day

The Japanese folding art origami can be used to fold simple works of art that are suitable as gifts for Valentine's Day. Here you will find instructions on how to make banknotes or paper homemade Valentine's gifts.
With the money gifts small simple gifts such as a rose, a bunch of flowers or perfume can be upgraded a little.

Origami with banknotes for Valentine's Day

It's easy with these instructions Bills Valentine's Day gifts to fold. The instructions show in detail how it is done.

Roses and flowers from bills

Banknotes can also be used to fold roses and flowers. These flowers are a beautiful surprise in a real bouquet of flowers, and an option for all men who do not know what jewelry they should give their beloved. With the money flowers, the dearest of hearts can make a gift after Valentine's Day.
How to fold roses and flowers from banknotes:

The following video shows very nicely how out three bills a rose is folded:

Hearts from banknotes

The heart is there symbol of the lovers. Decorate the jewelry or chocolates in the Valentine's Day gift with a pretty money sweetheart.
These instructions show how bills can be folded into a heart:

This short video shows how in just 1: 30 minutes out of one Banknote a finished heart is folded. It could hardly be easier!

More ideas for banknote origami for Valentine's Day

  • - In this complex guide for Rings with roses (PDF) The value of the bill is secondary, because the folding operations are really complex and suitable only for experts.

Origami with paper for Valentine's Day

With paper you can also fold pretty gifts and accessories for Valentine's Day. These instructions reveal how it works:

The video shows how out of one Banknote with origami a ring arises:

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