Book Review: Eurogami: Gifts of Money

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The book ‚ÄúEurogami: monetary gifts‚ÄĚ is the classic among the books for monetary gifts.

The book comes with 62 pages in DIN A4 format and has a sturdy cover. This is also important, because you will always get this book out of the bookshelf, if you want to fold a gift of money.

On the first pages you will find a short introduction to origami in general and how to read the symbols and arrows in the fold instructions. With this, every newcomer to Origami is equipped with everything he needs to turn money into money after just a few minutes.

The book begins with simple models whose folds are explained in drawings. The further you work your way through the book, the more challenging the origami objects become. Despite increasing complexity, the drawings are always very easy to understand. The increasing difficulty level can easily be circumvented without problems with practice and training of the origami figures.
Overall, the 25 different models are divided into three different difficulty levels.

In addition, there are many photos that show how the folded origami models can be presented as a gift even better.

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